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Kriss Colville Adventure Series:

What's A Werewolf?

by Kriss Colville



Find out what Kriss Colville, girl sleuth, thinks of werewolves!


Did you ever wonder what a werewolf really is? Is it a man—wolf—dog—or some kind of thing?

In European folklore, a werewolf is a man, or woman who is transformed into a wolf at night, and always during the appearance of the full moon. This process is known as lycanthropy. The word lycanthropy comes from the Greek word Lykoi meaning "wolf," and anthropos, meaning "man."

The person goes wolf by shape shifting, and of course the full moon makes it much easier because of the effect it has on the human DNA. I learned all of this from my next door neighbor, Professor Peddlepusher who knows everything about everything, and anything about anything.

It's been said that although the human is transfigured into a wolf, he still possesses his human intelligence. I find this hard to believe. A werewolf is not that intelligent . . . at least not the one's I've spied upon, and followed in the deep of night.

From what I can figure out about the were-wolf, he's only concerned with one thing. And that, dear friend, is where he can find his next victim whom he may devour.

Could be you. Could be me.

He's not too concerned about making the world a better place, or who he might vote for in the next presidential election.

Types of were-creatures: 

Alas,did you know that not all were-creatures are wolf? Nay, some are were-whatever's. If you're in Africa you might see a were-leopard, in India it could be a were-tiger, or a were-bear in Russia. And you can bet that none of these creatures will be as cute and playful as "wolf" in the movie, The Tenth Kingdom.

Some Books about the werewolf:

The Wer-Wolf (1838)

The Werewolf of Paris

The Wolf Leader (1857)

Cycle of the Werewolf (1985)

Goosebumps series

Movies about the werewolf:

The Werewolf (1913) a silent film

The Werwolf of London (1935)

The Wolf Man (1941) starring Lon Chaney, Jr.

The Silver Bullet (My favorite)

How to become a werewolf:

By the use of sorcery

Being cursed by an enemy with powers

Being bitten by a werewolf

Having a parent who is werewolf


How to catch a werewolf:

Folklore tells that the werewolf must return to human form at daybreak by shedding his wolf's skin, and hiding it somewhere in the forest. If it can be found and destroyed immediately the werewolf must die.

If the werewolf is wounded it must immediately revert back to its human form, but the wound will still be visible on the body. And of course everyone knows about the silver bullet thing. Guaranteed to stop a werewolf everytime.

Remember, if you suspect your neighbor, or friend of being a werewolf, it will show through in his, or her, personality. Be on the lookout for restlessness and unprovoked rages. The person will have trouble sleeping at night, and dread the coming of the full moon.

If you're brave enough to venture out alone after dark during the full moon, and you come across one of these creatures of the night . . .

Run Like Heck!

In the meantime, I'll keep spying with my telescope to spot any suspicious characters. If you see any in your city better give me an email. I'll come right away—if it isn't too far away—and if it's not during school hours.

And oh yeah—if I can be home by dinner.

Remember, it's up to good people like you and me to make our world a safer place.

Until next time,

-Kriss Colville, Girl Sleuth